Scrum: The innovative project management approach

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This book underlines the value of the Scrum project management approach for companies, and identifies the strengths and weaknesses of using it in comparison to traditional project management approaches. It includes short overview of traditional approaches, history and theory of Scrum and agile project management. Practical part of the book describes in detail projects, which were successfully completed using the Scrum approach. It contains interviews and opinions of project managers, Scrum masters, the Product owners and developers, as well as best-practice experiences, insights and ideas for the usage of Scrum for innovative product developments and team management. The book illustrates different ways for the implementation of Scrum within existing project management approaches of various companies. It helps project managers to choose appropriate project management approach, which suits to its organizational structure, development team and innovative product itself. This work will be useful for the project managers, development teams and the corporate project management departments.


Anna Alkhimenkova was born in 1984. In 2006 she finished Surgut State University (Russia), Department of Management and Information Technology. From 2007 Anna worked as an IT business consultant in SAP SD, CRM and DBM projects for numerous Retail Companies. In 2014 she received a Masters degree in Business Science from the FH Kufstein (Austria).
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