Growth of Facial Soft Tissues

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Januar 2015



I have compiled a work on normal growth and development of the facial soft tissues.Soft tissue profile change is a result of both underlying skeletal growth and overlying soft tissue thickening. The complex interplay between hard and soft tissue structures of the face continues past the termination of pubertal growth, and although varying in magnitude, the changes brought about during this period are of clinical importance. The interrelationship of soft tissue components, such as nose, lips, and chin, will be influenced by both growth and orthodontic treatment. Therefore, it is important that the orthodontist be conscious not only of changes imparted by treatment, but also those changes brought about by late adolescent and postpubertal growth.


I have completed my BDS from SR Dental College, Faridabad, Haryana in 2009 and did my MDS from KLE University Belgaum, Karnatka in Orthodontics in 2014 ( Gold Medalist) with distinction.
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