Development of Novel Stimuli-Responsive Drug Delivery Systems

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Januar 2015



Some copolymers exhibit an inverse sol-gel transition with spontaneous physical gelation upon heating. If the transition in water takes place below the body temperature and the chemicals are biodegradable, such gelling behaviour makes the associated physical gels injectable biomaterials with unique application in drug delivery1, such as injectable implant for sustained-release delivery of water-soluble or water insoluble drugs and proteins. In this work, novel pH and temperature responsive polymers were synthesized. The temperature and pH responsive self-assembly as well as sol-gel transition of prepared triblock copolymers was characterized by different methods. The developed novel di and tri block copolymers are versatile materials with several potential applications in drug delivery.


Nazila Safaei Nikouei studied pharmacy at Tehran University of Medical Sciences in Tehran, Iran. She received her Pharm. D in pharmacy in 1999. After graduation she worked as a Formulation Scientist in the R&D department of two pharmaceutical companies. She got her PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences at University of Alberta in 2014.
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