The Shifters

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Everything about Zade Davidson is boring, and everything about his life is decidedly unspectacular... until he spontaneously transforms into a ferocious Siberian Tiger in the middle of the woods. His transformation is both remarkable and inexplicable, but unfortunately these powers also put his life in grave danger. Zade instantly becomes the target of Martin Evers, the ruthless leader of an army dedicated to exterminating shapeshifters, and his world becomes such that any living creature - human or animal - could really be a mercenary waiting to kill him.

In a span of days Zade is forced to leave everything he knows behind and run for his life, and being captured or killed by Martin quickly becomes an unavoidable reality. At the same time, Zade begins to discover the true and dark nature of his incredible ability.

Martin Evers' quest to purge the world of shapeshifters is unstoppable, and at his disposal is an army of men and women whom appear young and beautiful, yet are truly hundreds of years old and as deadly as vipers. With only his normal, human best friend and ancient Biology teacher to help him, Zade is eventually faced with the ultimate question:

Join Martin's army and hunt innocent people, or resist and become the hunted?
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