Family Relations and Reproductive Health through Early Marriage

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Februar 2015



The book presents a comparative study between the Egyptian and Saudi society and integrated vision about quality and impact of family relations on the reproductive health of girls at an early age, and the importance of supporting reproductive health to girls who married at early age through the provision of adequate and accurate information about their roles in family relations network . The book helps families to guide their daughters who will be married to educate correct concepts of reproductive health.


Samhaa Mohammed Professor of Home Management & Institutions, published 20 scientific research, and authored books: Institutions management. Family consumption. Family resources. Design & furnishing of house. Sherif Houria lecturer of Home Management & Institutions, published 6 scientific research, and authored: Institutions management, Elderly.
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Untertitel: A Comparative Study of Egyptian and Saudi Society. Paperback. Sprache: Englisch.
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