Sugarcane Stem Borers in Ethiopia Sugar Industry

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Januar 2015



In Ethiopia Sugar industry, a total of 20 insect pests are recorded and among them only three (termite, black beetle and borer) are economically important. In order to develop economically and environmentally sound insect pest control strategy, it is better to have a detailed knowledge on the type of pest, extent of damage, biology and population dynamics over the growing season, and factors affecting occurrence and distribution in the cropping system. In this regard, the study has given an in depth knowledge about the role of sugarcane stem borer in affecting sugarcane production and productivity in the commercial plantation fields of Ethiopia. On the other hand, I strongly belief that this book can give basic and practical information for all sugarcane production professionals (managers, supervisors and foremen and others), researchers and out-growers so as to establish an integrated sugarcane stem borer management strategy.


The author has obtained his BSc. Degree in Plant Production and Dry land Farming by 2001 from Debub University and MSc Degree in Agricultural Entomology by 2008 from Haramaya University, Ethiopia. Currently, the author is an employee of Ethiopian Sugar Corporation and working as a Senior Entomologist in the Research and Training Directorate.
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