Multiobjective Programming

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Nowadays, we want to have a good life, which may mean more wealth, more power, more respect and more time for our selves, together with a good health and a good second generation, etc. Indeed, all important political, economical and cultural events have involved multiple criteria in their evolution. Multiobjective optimization deals with the investigation of optimization problems that possess more than one objective function. Usually there is no single solution that optimizes all functions simultaneously, we have solution set that is called nondominated set and elements of this set are usually infinite. It is from this set decision is made by taking elements of nondominated set as alternatives, which is given by analysts. But practically extraction of nondominated solutions and setting fitness function are difficult. This book tries to solve these problems with dual programming and applying sub gradient methods of solution. Since sub gradient is not straight forward meta heuristic methods of optimization specially continuous variable genetic algorithm is used in generating near optimal solution.


Adugna Fita is currently lecturer and researcher at Adama Science and Technology University, Department of Mathematics, Adama, Ethiopia
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