Management Performance through Functional-Level Strategies

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Dr. Abrhiem believes one of the main goals of teaching is to challenge students' mindsets and former knowledge, and to help them develop a critical perspective on things. His role in this process is to guide discussion, to offer critical, philosophical, and historical information to suggest possible approaches. And while he guides his students' intellectual development, he also believes that they guide him through the observations and perspectives they bring to class. Students try hard to learn what school offers through Engagement, motivation, decision-making, and skills to real-life situations. They take pride not simply in earning the formal indicators of success (grades), but in understanding the course material and incorporating in their lives. These new perspectives have the potential to alter his beliefs about what makes an effective instructor, and constantly challenge him to reassess his conceptualization and organization of the field of management. As such, the terms "retention" and "growth" have a twofold meaning in terms of his teaching philosophy. "Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you can


Dr. Abrhiem has over thirty years of small business entrepreneurial management and corporate management experience with several Fortune 500 companies. Throughout his tenure with AJAJ Corporation, he led integration activities for numerous business acquisitions, implemented TQM initiatives that improved financial performance and Retail Food Industry
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