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Charlotte Hawkins is New York royalty with a rare talent for getting what she wants, courtesy of her grandfather Philip Hawkins's tutelage. Philip also taught Charlotte how to destroy people after he disinherited her father, forcing her parents to abandon her...Dirck Van Broeck VII, manor lord of Broeckwyck, returns home after a long absence with a new identity as Captain Brock, sworn to fight against British tyranny. To succeed, he needs to convince Philip Hawkins to partner with him...Charlotte wants to avenge her parents and build a new family with the announcement of her secret engagement to Pierce Fairfax, the son of Philip's arch enemy. She also wants Pierce's ex-best friend, Captain Brock, her childhood infatuation who intends to sabotage all her plans.


Ellen Gullo is a native New Yorker. She lives in the Hudson Valley with her husband and children in a farmhouse (circa 1750) that they restored. Other family members include two horses and two dogs. When she's not researching or writing, she is on the hunt for antiques - after weekend brunch with her husband.
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