Assessment of indoor atmospheric contamination in sheep shelter

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Januar 2015



Indoor air pollution is one of the most serious constraints mostly concerned with livestock housing under intensive/industrial system of management. In intensive system of animal rearing, the incidences of respiratory diseases are high owing to quality of air and its contents such as dust, microorganisms and gaseous pollutants. Hence, this book enlightens in detail to assess the quality of air inside the sheep house particularly reared under different flooring systems. The book reveals relevant facts about the level of contaminants such as dust, ammonia, total bacteria, coliform and mould content in the atmosphere of sheep house including air temperature, relative humidity and air velocity on health and performance of sheep. It also provides a perfect platform for the sheep farmers to decide on type of flooring system providing better air quality in sheep confinement pens. Further, it will be helpful for the budding researchers, sheep entrepreneurs and policy makers to implement further research and management practices for creating pollution free environment in sheep house.


Dr.A.Yasotha is working as a faculty in Madras Veterinary College,TANUVAS,Chennai,Tamil Nadu,India. Area of specialization in research includes pollution assessment,bio-monitoring and risk assessment of heavy metals in animals. She has received gold medal for her post graduation and received four appreciation certificates for paper presentation.
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