Restorative Justice For Genuine Peace and Reconciliation In Liberia

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Februar 2015



Civil wars have unarguably brought untold afflictions and hardships to innocent individuals, groups of people and the society at large. It comprises of a situation in which human lives, the rule of law and the conventions on the international human rights regime are entirely disregarded and relegated to the periphery. Nevertheless, we must always seek to provide an opportunity for remorse and rehabilitation to those individuals that made mistakes against us; and for the harm perpetrated against individuals and the society of which they belong.This is the hallmark of the kind of restorative justice that I envisaged for not only Liberia but all societies emerging out of violent conflicts and civil wars. Transitional Justice:Restorative Justice As Opposed to Retributive Justice for Sustainable Peace and Reconciliation In Post War Liberia is a must read for individuals and groups working with transitional justice in post conflict situations. It is also of vital importance as to how post war countries should deal with their past and forge ahead into the future. Long term peace and reconciliation should be the ultimate goal.


Amos Gianjay Colnoe is a Human Rights and Development expert.He has studied at the University of Ghana, Makerere University, Norwegian University of Life sciences and the University of Buskerud and Vesfold-Norway. Restorative Justice As Opposed to Retributive Justice for Genuine Peace and Reconciliation in Liberia is his second known Publication.
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Untertitel: Restorative Justice As Opposed to Retributive Justice for Sustainable Peace and Reconciliation in Post-War Liberia. Paperback. Sprache: Englisch.
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