Saving Julian

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Saving Julian is a darkly comic journey into the sad, strange world of ex-gay ministry. The novel tells the story of Paul Drucker, a 58-year-old psychology professor and part-time preacher. Author of Saving Our Boys from the Gay Menace, Paul is much in demand on the ex-gay lecture circuit, sharing the heterosexual gospel with those in need. As he tells his audiences, "there's no such thing as a gay man. There are only men with unmet homoemotional love needs. And this can be fixed." But when Paul is caught with Julian, a 21-year-old "escort" he found online, he knows his world is about to fall apart.

In a world of Larry Craig and Ted Haggard, Saving Julian offers an irreverent and poignant take on the lies, hypocrisies, and downright cruelty of those who think love is a thing to be cured.

Saving Julian is a beautifully constructed and paced novel, which explores the misguided world of the ex-gay without ever being condescending. It's a very humane book.

-Edmund White, author of A Boy's Own Story and The Beautiful Room is Empty
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