Lead Poisoning and Developing Organism

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Februar 2015



Lead is a natural metallic element that occurs in rocks and soils. It had been put to industrial use for last few thousand years, but it is a highly toxic element. It does not dissolve in water or biodegrade, dissipate, decay or burn. It's used in metal alloys, paint, batteries, solders, ceramic glazes, bullets, metal toys and building materials soil, dust, drinking water, some cosmetics and folk remedies. Exposure to it can cause lead poisoning to young children, babies before being born and even adults. It affects more to fetus and children under the age of six because its ability to cross placenta and impact developing nervous system. In the present book author focused on the history, causes and effects of lead poisoning including treatment. Author has also included her research on impact of lead poisoning during pregnancy.


Dr Reena Jain is a passionate & resourceful psychologist with over 16 years of experience in providing internal and external teaching and consulting services across the broad spectrum.She is a recipient of Bharat Jyoti Award for her outstanding performance and remarkable role in education.At present she is working in New Horizon College Of Engineering, Bangalore , India as a Student Counselor.
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