Significant Strategic Management Model;A case of Universities in Kenya

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Februar 2015



The question of achieving sustainable competitive advantage in any firm centers on strategy which is the act of aligning a firm and its dynamic environment (Porter, 1991). Nevertheless, it is observed in the strategy theory, firms in the same industry with similar resources perform differently (wade & Hulland, 2004). This scenario is conspicuously observed among universities in Kenya and poses a threat to achievement of industrialization and vision 2030. It is with such a concern that this study sought to look at strategic factors that influence sustainable competitive advantage in Kenyan universities. The study results provide an advisory model that if used, will improve practice in management of universities and in particular will be a resource to policy makers, Ministry of Education, and Commission for University Education. It is hoped that embracing the strategic factors that positively influence sustainable competitive advantage will lead to improved services and quality higher education in the short run, and advance on universities' competitiveness internationally in the long run.


Veronicah Kaluyu holds a PhD in Business Administration and Management and is currently serving as a Lecturer and as the University Quality Assurance Coordinator at Africa Nazarene University, Kenya. In this role she is responsible for diverse range of activities and programs including monitoring and supervision of strategic plan implementation.
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