The Beautiful Ugly Masquerade:"Ekpo Ikpa-Isong Annang" in Nigeria

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Februar 2015



This book is an endeavour to help readers, especially non-Africans, catch a glimpse of the magnificent cultural asset of the Ekpo masquerade cult of Annangland in Southern Nigeria. During the pre-colonial and the pre-Christian era before the eighteenth century, Ekpo played the role of an extraordinary governing arm of government. When this role was taken over by colonial and post-colonial security agents, the Ekpo institution found itself gradually losing out to modernity and turning into a semi-criminal, lawless bandit group disturbing the peace and tranquility of the Annang nation. By so doing, it rendered the once upon a time beautiful masquerade ugly and thereby betraying its traditionally enviable role as the custodian of ancestral heritage.


Dr. Dominic Umoh is an erudite, Belgium-trained Nigerian Philosopher of Religion and ethicist.His other books include: Traditional symbols enriching Christian Symbolism, A Philosopher looks at Religion, A Philosopher looks at Science, Religion and Secularism, Traditional Rites of Passage enriching Christian Rites and Rituals.
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