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April 2015



Apart from the vision of their creative directors and designers, stage productions involve the complex interplay of numerous individuals and technologies working in tandem to produce a memorable show. From set and lighting design, to audio and video content, choreography, fashion and robotics - the tools available to enhance a production are numerous and oft employed. The results are contained within, some of the most captivating shows of recent years. Chapters include Concerts: Justin Timberlake, Beyonce in the Superbowl halftime show, Jay Z, Madonna and Lady Gaga's Monster Ball and Coachella, Events: Academy Awards, American Idol and the opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympics and Theater: From The Master and Margarita to the much talked about Kinky Boots.


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Untertitel: Stage Design - Concerts/Events & Ceremonies/Theaters. 300 Illustriert. Sprache: Englisch.
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