Groundwater Flow And Water Balance Modeling Of Wukro Basin

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Februar 2015



Groundwater is a precious natural resource of limited extent. In order to ensure its judicious use,proper evaluation is required. Evaluation of groundwater involves several factors of which,Groundwater flow and recharge is paramount. Modeling of flow system and quantification of the recharge rate is a prerequisite for efficient and sustainable management of groundwater. This book is mainly concerned with estimation of spatially distributed natural recharge using WetSpass model and modeling groundwater flow system of Wukro basin, Northern Ethiopia.


The Author was born in 1985 in Bale Adaba,Ethiopia. He joined Mekelle University in 2003 and graduated with BSc degree in Applied Geology in 2007. He recieved his MSc degree in Hydrogeology from Mekelle University in 2011. He employed at Arba Minch University and serving as a lecturer at the department of geology.
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