Development of a social sustainability index for mega sport events

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Februar 2015



The purpose of this work is to develop an index to measure the social sustainability within a destination after a mega sport event. These happenings are as huge that they could be used as image changers and tourism catalysts for the host destination. For the organizers of such events and their followers, tools to observe the positive, but also negative changes for the society will be helpful. Therefore, indicators will be found and created, which will help to measure the sustainable developments in and for the society. These indicators were weighted by a group of experts, in the fields of events and sustainability, through an online survey. The result shows 17 different indicators divided in two core areas to count the score, the value of the index, each year compared with the previous year. The developed tool will be called the ¿Sport Social Sustainability Index (3si)¿. Finally, a case study based on a mega sport event of the last years was carried out to check the usability of the here developed index.


Anton Haag, born in 1982, studied Event Management at the University of Applied Sciences Kufstein and completed in 2011 his master studies in Tourism and Leisure Management at the IMC Krems. He has also lectured on social sustainability in the context of mega sport events and is working today in the event management sector.
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