An application to polymers: Bonding

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Februar 2015



Polymers are becoming nowadays very essential materials in many fields of human life: food storage, textile, toys for kids, pipes, etc... One of the main applications of polymers is industrial bonding, a new technique of assembling presenting many advantages over the other traditional methods of assembling. However, upon applications, such assemblies may be subjected to dynamic loadings hence an investigation of the mechanical behavior of such structures is imposing itself as one of the main interesting topics for researchers. The target of the present manuscript is to establish analytical, experimental and numerical studies for double lap bonded joint specimen subjected to dynamic shear loading using the SHPB technique. Both metallic and composite substrates are considered. In addition, strain rate sensitivity is studied for the metallic adherents case. It is shown that the dynamic behavior is highly dependent on strain rate and also on many geometrical and mechanical parameters related to those complex structures.


Dr. Georges Challita has obtained his PhD degree in mechanics of materials in 2009. Since then he has worked as an instructor and master and PhD advisor and collaborated in many published articles and conferences papers related to dynamics of polymers and composites, especially bonded structures.
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