Romanticism, Rousseau, Switzerland

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This collection brings together current research on topics that are perennially important to Romantic studies: the life and work of Jean-Jacques Rousseau, and the landscape and history of his native Switzerland.


List of Illustrations Notes on the Contributors 1. Introduction; Patrick Vincent, Diane Piccitto, and Angela Esterhammer 2. Romantic Education, Concealment and Orchestrated Desire in Rousseau's Emile and Frances Brooke's Julia Mandeville; Enit K. Steiner 3. Romantic Suicide, Contagion, and Rousseau's Julie; Michelle Faubert 4. Seeing Jean-Jacques' Nature: Rousseau's Call for a Botanist Reader; Rachel Corkle 5. Rousseau's Pygmalion and Automata in the Romantic Period; Wendy C. Nielsen 6. Rousseau on the Tourist Trail; Nicola J. Watson 7. James Boswell and Rousseau in Môtiers: Re-inscribing Childhood and Its (Auto)biographical Prospects; Gordon Turnbull 8. Prints, Panoramas, and Picturesque Travel in Dorothy Wordsworth's Journal of a Tour on the Continent; Pamela Buck 9. Visionary Republics: Virtual Representations of Switzerland and Wordsworth's Lake District; Patrick Vincent 10. A 'Melancholy Occurrence' in the Alps: Switzerland, Mont Blanc, and an Early Critique of Mountaineering; Simon Bainbridge 11. Manfred, Freedom, and the Swiss Alps: The Transformation of the Byronic Hero; Diane Piccitto 12. Legendary Late-Romantic Switzerlands: Baillie, Polidori, Hemans, and Scott; Angela Esterhammer 13. Rodolphe Töpffer's Earliest Comic Strips and The Tools of the Picturesque: Teaching the Art of Perception; Kirstyn Leuner Index


Edited By Angela Esterhammer, Diane Piccitto and Patrick Vincent
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