Dope Deals and Donnybrooks

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Exasperating dilemmas arise on construction jobsites more often than people might realize. Dope Deals and Donnybrooks examines these along with some good old-fashioned screw-ups that the human component inevitably brings to construction activities. Remedies are found and progress resumes, but episodes of interest to the casual observer transcend mixing concrete and nailing wall studs together.

As an experienced construction inspector, Douglas Emery light-heartedly confronts stereotypical misperceptions that the nature of his work is mundane. He shares intriguing jobsite war stories, complete with colorful characters that have played every imaginable supporting role in his various tribulations. Contractors, co-workers, clients, government officials, and furbish lousewort activists are well represented.

While the narratives successfully annihilate misperceptions, they also affirm that an effective inspector needs to comprehend more than just technical specifications. Doug credibly maintains that his profession demands a proactive understanding of his clients' expectations, a recognition of contractors' motivations, and even some ability with basic social skills!

Dissecting jobsite tribulations with the benefit of hindsight reveals that a construction inspector's livelihood is, in truth, quite positive, very satisfying, and even humorous at times. This collection of tales will undoubtedly offer useful guidance to aspiring construction inspectors out there. Perhaps it will imply the ideal course of action for a future project. Accordingly, the highway will be finished ahead of schedule, the entire cast of jobsite characters will be delighted, and the thriving colony of endangered furbish louseworts that was discovered just ahead of the bulldozer will be forever protected.
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Untertitel: Jobsite Tribulations of an Over-Retentive Construction Inspector. HC gerader Rücken mit Schutzumschlag. Sprache: Englisch.
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