Math for the Very Young: A Handbook of Activities for Parents and Teachers

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April 1995



Four experienced teachers, who have written math curricular materials for the University of Chicago School Mathematics Project, present a comprehensive collection of innovative and fun activities easy enough for even the most math-phobic parents. Covers all math concepts appropriate for children ages 3-7 including measurement, counting, telling time and temperature, comparisons, arrays, shapes and patterns. Organized by type of activity such as cooking, taking a trip, playing games and making crafts.


Math Around the House.
Growing and Changing: Making a Personal Record Book.
Calendar Math.
Math on the Move.
Animal Facts and Figures.
Crafts that Use Math.
Games and Math.
Counting Rhymes and Stories.
Index of Math Concepts.


Lydia Polonsky is a staff developer and author for the University of Chicago School Mathematics Project. Dorothy Freedman, Susan Lesher, and Kate Morrison are teachers at the University Chicago Laboratory Schools and authors for the Project. They have all seen how young children respond with wonder and pleasure to the mathematical adventures in their daily lives.
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