The Scared Child: Helping Kids Overcome Traumatic Events

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September 1996



There are many traumatic experiences that cause a child to become scared - from divorce to the death of a loved one, from natural disasters to abuse. Even a disturbing news event that a child only sees on television or hears about but does not experience, such as the Oklahoma City bombing or the classroom massacre in Scotland, can make a child fearful or sad. No matter what causes the situation, childhood trauma is common and should be dealt with quickly and effectively. Dr. Barbara Brooks, a psychologist who has successfully helped kids through all types of traumatic situations, provides you with the knowledge you need to put the child you love back on the path to a full and happy life. Kids don't always know how to react to feelings of distress. If these scared feelings are not expressed in a positive way, they can surface later in life when dealing with them becomes more difficult. Here are detailed instructions, based on professional techniques, to encourage kids of any age - from toddler to teenager - to reveal their feelings through words, drawings, and role playing with step-by-step advice for reassuring them and helping them let go of their fear.


WHAT IS TRAUMA? Trauma: An Overview. The Effects of Trauma. Recognizing Signs of Posttraumic Stress in Children. Debriefing: A Four Step Method for Helping a Child Through a Traumatic Experience. WORKING THROUGH TRAUMATIC EVENTS. Death: Coping With Loss. Abuse: The Ultimate Betrayal. Natural Disasters: Shared Devastation. Divorce: When Parents Cause the Pain. Illness and Injury: Coping with the Unexpected. Trauma by Proxy: Too Close for Comfort. Appendices. Index.


Barbara Brooks, Ph.D., is a pioneer in treating childhood trauma. She and her colleagues have used the techniques in this book to help children in the aftermath of Hurricane Andrew and the World Trade Center bombing. Dr. Brooks is currently Clinical Director of the Employee Counseling Program and a principal in Trauma Recovery Associates. She also maintains a private practice in New York City. Paula M. Siegel is a freelance writer. Both authors live in New York City.
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