Rocket Science: 50 Flying, Floating, Flipping, Spinning Gadgets Kids Create Themselves

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September 1995



Blast off into the wacky world of gadgets! Have you ever wondered what makes airplanes fly, how boats float, or why your doorbell works? * Would you like to build your own flying, floating, diving, spinning, howling, scooting objects? * Are you looking for a terrific science project that moves?
If you answered "Yes!" to any of these questions, then Rocket Science is for you. It shows you the science behind how things work by teaching you how to build a rocket boat, kaleidoscope, mousetrap car, stethoscope, compass, fruit-powered battery, and lots of other wonderful gizmos. All of the projects are safe and easy to make out of stuff you can find around your house.
This amazing book covers a wide variety of science topics, including mechanics, air power, water power, electricity, magnetism, chemistry, acoustics, and optics.


Mechanically Inclined: Using Mechanics to Make Minimachines. You've Got the Power: Using Air Power to Make Great Gadgets. Water, Water Everywhere: Using Water Power to Make Wonderful Inventions. Don't Be Shocked If You're Attracted to These Activities: Using Electricity and Magnetism to Make Amazing Devices. Great Chemistry: Using Chemistry to Make Cool Creations. Strings and Things: Using Acoustics to Build Dynamite Devices. Lighten Up! Using Optics to Create Fantastic Fun. Glossary. Index.


JIM WIESE (British Columbia, Canada) is a science teacher and an educational coordinator for nonprofit organizations. He is the author of the popular kids' science-activities book Roller Coaster Science and several science schoolbooks.
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