Could Do Better

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I know my son is bright. . . . why doesn't he care about school? Why is he so lazy and unmotivated? My daughter is . . . so unmotivated. How can I make her want to do better? In this lifesaving, groundbreaking book, Drs. Mandel and Marcus, clinical psychologists with more than 25 years' experience working with underachievers, show that these children are, in fact, highly motivated— in directions other than schoolwork. The key to helping underachievers reach their full potential lies in discovering their real motivation and redirecting it. But first, say the authors, you must abandon conventional wisdom; underachievers are not all alike. "Could Do Better" identifies six major underachieving personalities and includes step-by-step programs tailored to help each. Learn how to recognize which kind of underachiever your child is— the procrastinating Coaster, the distracted Identity-Searcher, the manipulative Wheeler-Dealer are just a few of the most recognizable personalities— and discover what's really going on inside his or her mind. The information is revealing, the expectations realistic. Useful parent checklists are included in each section, along with practical guidelines for when you can hope to see change, and illuminating profiles of the six personalities as adults should the underachieving continue unchecked. "Could Do Better" also addresses the specific underachievement problems of gifted and learning disabled children. A breakthrough approach to helping children realize their full potential, "Could Do Better" speaks urgently to the millions of parents deeply concerned about how to prepare their child for a competitive, achievement-oriented world, aswell as to everyone who works with underachievers. IS ONE OF THESE UNDERACHIEVERS YOUR CHILD? COASTERS: the ultimate procrastinators, usually described as easy-going and unmotivated, the most common type of underachiever ANXIOUS UNDERACHIEVERS: want to do better bu


How Do I Know If My Child Is Underachieving? The Coasting Underachiever. The Anxious Underachiever. The Indentity-Search Underachiever. The Wheeler-Dealer Underachiever. The Sad or Depressed Underachiever. The Defiant Underachiever. Loose Ends and Your Underachieving Child. The '90s and Beyond: Transcending Underachievement. References. Resources for Professionals. Index.


HARVEY P. MANDEL, Ph.D., a licensed clinical psychologist in Toronto, Canada, is an associate professor in the Department of Psychology, and Director of the Institute on Achievement and Motivation, at York University. As a widely recognized authority in the field of underachievement, Dr. Mandel has addressed more than 10,000 teachers, guidance counselors, psychologists, and social workers on the subject. He has received major awards in the field of underachievement from the Ontario Psychological Foundation, the Bea Wickett Foundation, and York University. SANDER I. MARCUS, Ph.D., a licensed clinical psychologist in Chicago, Illinois, is a managing partner in the career and business consulting firm of Friedland & Marcus. He has counseled thousands of individuals about career paths, has consulted with major corporations, including AT&T and Ameritech Services, and has taught at three midwestern universities. LORAL DEAN is a freelance writer and editor, and is the coauthor, with Sandy Linver, of Speakeasy: How to Talk Your Way to the Top.
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