Corporate Governance, Capital Markets, and Capital Budgeting

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Februar 2015



The primary contribution of this book is to integrate the important disciplines which simultaneously impact the investment appraisal process. The book presents a study that develops a new approach to investment appraisal which uses a multiple objective linear programming (MOLP) model to integrate the selected disciplines which include capital markets, corporate governance and capital budgeting. The research covers two case studies, one in the e-commerce sector and another in the airline industry in which the above disciplines are integrated. Readers from the areas of corporate governance, regulation, and accounting would find the survey of different approaches and the new integrated optimization approach particularly useful.  ¿


Chapter1. Introduction.
Chapter 2. Literature Review.
Chapter 3. Conceptual Framework for Investment Apprisal and Capital Markets Research in Accounting and Methodology.
Chapter 4. Discounted Cash flow for TOM.com.
Chapter 5. Optimisation Model for World Airways.
Chapter 6. Discussion and Implications.
Chapter 7. Summary, Findings and Conclusion. 


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