Synthesis & Characterization of Nanodot Embedded MOS-C for the NVM

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Februar 2015



Achieving lower dimensional electronic device in today's world has been increased enormously. Miniaturization technique has been improved in connection to maintain noble device properties. Processes incorporated to nano range fabrication are always intricate, as various quantum size effects play important role in this regime. Understanding the physics of low-dimensional systems and the operation of next-generation electronics will be helpful in bringing revolutionary changes to mankind. Phenomena surrounding the nanoparticles have been discussed and the discussion has been divided into two broad categories: synthesis and characterization of the nanoparticles embedded MOS capacitor. Capacitance peaks in the inversion region due to carrier tunneling into the quantum dot and Coulomb blockade charging in quantum dot has been observed, which elucidated the charge storing phenomena of nanoparticles.


Mitra Barun Sarkar is currently assistant professor in E.C.E department of National Institute of Technology, Agartala (NIT A), India. He has several publications in reputed journals. His area of research interests are Nano Electronics, Semiconductor and Opto- electronic devices, RF & Microwave Engineering.
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