Implementing Environmental Accounts

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Leaving aside human and social capital for a future volume, the book should be viewed as a crucial first step in developing indicators for total wealth in the countries covered by the case studies, which include Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Mozambique and South Africa. These case studies experiment with implementing the SEAA in sub-Saharan nations known to suffer from the 'resource curse': their wealth in resources and commodities has allowed inflows of liquidity, yet this cash has not funded crucial developments in infrastructure or education. What's more, resource-driven economies are highly vulnerable to commodity price mutability. The new measures of wealth deployed here offer more hope for the future in these countries than they themselves would once have allowed for.


Contents:1 Natural Capital, Total Wealth and Sustainable Development in Namibia Glenn-Marie Lange 2 Wildlife Accounts: A Multi-Sectoral Analysis in Namibia J.I. Barnes, O. Nhuleipo, A.C. Baker, P.I. Muteyauli and V. Shigwedh 3 Accounting for Mineral Resources in Tanzania: Data Challenges and Implications for Resource Management Policy Eric Mungatana 4 Fisheries Resource Accounts for the Maputo Coastal Districts of Mozambique Hermínio Lima A. Tembe, Cora Ziegler-Bohr and Eric Mungatana 5 Forest Resource Accounts for Ethiopia Sisay Nune, Menale Kassie and Eric Mungatana 6 Contribution of Uganda's Forestry Sub-Sector to the National Economy: Natural Resource Accounting Approach Moses Masiga, Eugene Muramira and Ronald Kaggwa 7 Accounting for the Value of Ecosystem Assets and their ServicesKarl-Göran Mäler, Sara Aniyar and Åsa Jansson 8 Valuing Regulating and Supporting Ecosystem Services of the Sub-Tropical Estuaries of Kwazulu-Natal in South Africa Jackie Crafford and Rashid Hassan Index


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