A Novel Design of Portable Trio Effect Water Treatment System

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April 2015



Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether (MTBE) is widely used as a fuel oxygenate. MTBE is a suspected carcinogenic agent, which poses a significant health threat to people. In addition, it gives a very unpleasant taste to drinking water. Conventional treatment technologies are generally ineffective for removal MTBE from waste water, therefore, there is a need to seek an alternative design to effectively remove MTBE from water to less hazardous compound and a cost effective system. The present work introduced a novel and combined technique that merges between the three major water treatment techniques, namely: stripping, oxidation and adsorption that are suitable for domestic and rural areas use. The effectiveness of the present technique was experimentally tested with one of the chemical contaminants namely (MTBE). The results indicated that the best efficiency (90%) at 20 min residence time. The results will help to shed some light on this new and cheap treating method, and should be especially useful to professionals in Management and Industrial Marketing, or anyone else who may be considering utilizing investment for new innovative works.


ALI A.R.NSAIF was born in 1965 in Baghdad B.Sc /M.Sc in Chemical Engineering/ University of Technology, Baghdad, he served 5 years in Ministry of industry as a designer of industrial process 1987-1992. Lecturer in the university 2006-2012 he published 16 papers and obtained several gold medals in national and international journals and exhibitions
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