Global Economies Finance: Indian Macroeconomics Doctrines Dissonance

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The book covers extensively and comprehensively on the mechanics and re-engineering of Global financial economics variables and variations in the context of stocks -flow dissonance,reflecting Indian macroeconomics frameworks,Africa and other parts of the world. This is a detailed research and reflections in contemporary finance and economics dynamics with a critical observation in practical aspect of integrated techno-empirical risk-return aspects and philosophies, were by original models are done and observed virtually.The book is reflected on 10-chapters,synchronized in finance and economics paradigms and analyses. The book is worthy reading for all advanced intellectuals, academician and researchers to the economics and financial consultants around the world.


Dr.Msaki J.L attained his PhD in finance and economics at a the age of 30 years, with rare specialty in economics and financial dynamics re-engineering, where, more than 18 original models were developed by him on rethinking philosophies psyche and art-strategies with management science... integrates from India-extreme (South and Northernstates).
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Untertitel: Synchronize Global Financial Dynamics for Developing Economies: A Macro-economists' Researchers and Scholars Reader. Paperback. Sprache: Englisch.
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