A Handbook on Microsphere Drug Delivery System for Antidiabetic Agents

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Februar 2015



The present work relates to bring out the importance of microencapsulation technology and development of microspheres for the antidiabetic drugs which will reduce dosing, patient non compliance and will produce better therapeutic results as compared to conventional drug delivery systems. Novel drug delivery systems as microspheres not only reduce the repeated administration to overcome non-compliance, but also help to increase the therapeutic value by reducing toxicity and increasing the bioavailability. Development of microspheric drug delivery system will enhance the bioavailability of drugs that need continuous administration especially when given by oral route.


Dr. Mousumi Kar is M.Pharm, PhD in Pharmaceutics and is a researcher academican working towards development of novel drug delivery systems. Dr. P K Choudhury is a Post Doc from New Zealand, presently serving as Professor & HOD, MLS University. Dr. Sujit Pillai is M.Pharm, PhD in Pharm Chemistry & is working as Professor & Principal.
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