The Impact of Financial Information on a Small Business in New Zealand

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Februar 2015



This is a concise and easy to understand book which strives to answer the following questions: How small business owners' behaviour affect the financial performance of their business? Are small business owners satisfied with the accounting and consultancy services provided by the accounting firms? Does the latest accounting software contribute in the growth of a small business? Do small business owners prefer to maintain a proper accounting information system, or rely on maintaining traditional manual paper books for accounting purposes? Does small business owners' general literacy contribute in planning, managing, and organizing a small business? The book examines management practices of very small business owners in New Zealand such as auto-mechanics, small grocery shops, and electricians. Notwithstanding, the research in this book links and compares other small businesses into a single unit to interpret the impact of owners' decisions on the overall financial performance of their business.


Rab Nawaz completed his Master of Commerce (Finance) in 1990. He completed his Master of Business (Accounting) from the Auckland University of Technology (AUT) in 2012. He has been awarded with the Top Postgraduate Student majoring in Accounting, from the Auckland Univeristy of Technology (AUT).
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