Modern Basics and Methods for Car Parking

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Februar 2015



Site selection of car parking that had done by a traditional method causes inefficiency of this car parking and even makes traffic problems. Thereafter, it is necessary to employ new systems, which have the ability to analyze a lot of parameters simultaneously, in parking site selection. One of these systems is known as combining between Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) and Geographical Information System (GIS). The spatial data prove their worth in numerous ways, such as the following: 1. as the data source for analysis, that underlies new possibilities of inference and, consequently, the development of knowledge on the scale unreachable ever before, 2. as the basis for decision processes, 3. as the source of a so called "popular" knowledge, in many other applications. This book was assessed the potential suitable areas for selecting of the car parking areas based on a lot of criteria and their factors, the criteria were (accessibility, land value, land-use and the distance from travel absorption centers). These criteria and factors were selected according to the professional expert's opinions.


Faculty member in Al-Nahrain University/College of Engineering/ Civil Engineering Department/ Baghdad/Iraq.Ph.D. in Civil Engineering/Transportation and Airports
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