Lack of Choice: The Connection between Evilness, Selfishness and Depression

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Februar 2015



In the field of health there's something called the "point of no return", where an individual can't be helped anymore, and there isn't any therapy, physical or psychological, able to provide healing.
Interestingly, this situation includes mainly victims of lobotomy, electroconvulsive therapy and Prozac, while modern medicine commonly labels patients in such state as "terminal".
However, a situation can't be that bad before reaching what can be defined as a path of choices.
Everyone chooses to live or die, to pursue dreams or embrace nightmares, to accept love or indulge in self-destructing acts.
We must recognize that drugs are used in Psychiatry, because, if an individual can't do much for himself, neither can the Therapist.
Drugs suppress human emotions and represent self-acknowledgment in lacking ability to take responsibility for them.
The point of no return starts when the individual gives away his right to be responsible for his fate or is somehow forced to do so.
To know how to cure mental illness we must necessarily study personal choices and the lack of them, in order to find a path for rehabilitation before it's too late.


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