Black Girls and Bad Boys: Stealing Loretta

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Juni 2013



Jordan Bernardino is the kind of man your mother warned you about. Confident, handsome, charismatic... and a professional thief.
Loretta on the other hand is well on her way to becoming a bank manager. Until Jordan walks in with a gun and a balaclava and steals a kiss along with a great deal of cash.
But it isn't enough. He needs more money to buy his way out of the mob and he wants more than just a kiss from that sexy black banker.
He charms his way into her bed, hoping it will lead him back into her vault, but an unfamiliar emotion creeps up on him - guilt.
When Loretta finds out what he's up to, she has to make an impossible choice - do the right thing and leave him to face the violent consequences, or risk everything she's ever worked for to save his skin.

This novel is roughly 41,000 words long and is not intended for readers under the age of eighteen.


"For crying out loud, woman." He didn't want to threaten her with the gun again. There was still a bad taste in his mouth from the last time. "Just open a damn box!"
She looked at the gun pointing harmlessly down at the floor. He'd left himself with nowhere to go.
"Look, there's a lot of money upstairs. You got here before lunchtime so there's plenty in the tills. Take it. The police will be here soon. Just take it and go."
Damn her. Why couldn't she have been a typical grey middle-aged man who didn't give a shit? "Maybe I will." He moved closer and picked up the faint floral scent of her perfume.
If she wouldn't let him into the safety deposit boxes, he'd just have to take something else.
"What are you doing?" She took a step backwards.
"You want me to take the cash and nothing else?"
"Yes. There's more than—"
"Make it worth my while." He stepped closer and she backed away.
"One little kiss and I'll go back out there, take the bags and leave."
She stared into his ey


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EAN: 9781501437274
Untertitel: Sprache: Englisch.
Verlag: French Letters Press
Erscheinungsdatum: Juni 2013
Format: epub eBook
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