The Doctor's Bimbo (Medical Bimbo Transformation)

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September 2014



Hannah Blanchett would dearly love to save her marriage but why did it have to be Doctor Sinclair who was the one qualified to help her? She had never spoken of her attraction to him, indeed it was nothing, nothing at all. Curse her luck that the handsome doctor with his deep green eyes and dark hair and long, lean body should be the one helping her with her personal inhibitions...


Maybe that was why he didn't smile much. I remembered an attractive coach from my high school soccer years; he was cheerful enough with us, dirty and sweaty awkward teens but would become formal and much too polite whenever mothers showed up.
I squared my shoulder and said to myself, Don't embarrassed your own doctor, Hannah. Christ, you are embarrassed enough for the both you. No need to complicate matters.
Dr Sinclair flicked his glance up from a note he was scribbling. A little warmth rose up my cheeks as I thought he caught me straightening myself.
"So, Mrs Blanchett, you are ready to start the therapy then."
-Not in the least. If I could choose, I would never undergo anything so personal and intimate with someone like you.-
Out loud, I said, "Yes, Doctor."


"YOU ARE FULLY AWARE that the methods and the drugs I will be using are very much still experimental?"
I swallowed, "Yes, you have told me before."
"And you are still sure you want to go through with this."
"If it could save my marriage, yes."
There was a quick look in those green eyes that caught my breath but it was gone just like that and I thought I had imagined the whole thing.
"Right," he turned and opened a drawer, pulling out a small box. "I want you to take these now and have a seat on the couch over there."
The box contained two capsules of blue and white and they looked so harmless I wondered if colors for experimental drugs were chosen for the very reason.
I settled down on the couch as he told me but


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Untertitel: ebook Ausgabe. Sprache: Englisch.
Verlag: Dark December LCC
Erscheinungsdatum: September 2014
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