Renewable Energy Scenarios

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Februar 2015



Global warming is becoming an increasing threat around the world. An energy revolution with a shift to renewable sources will be inevitable in order to secure a sustainable energy future and ensure adequate living conditions for future generations. This book analyses possible pathways towards such an energy revolution and the consequent effects on the material demand for selected solar technologies. First, scenarios that aim for 100% renewable energy until 2050 were analysed and compared to market scenarios of associations and federations representing different renewable industries. Secondly, assumptions on the material input for solar thermal and photovoltaic systems were made and their future material demand was estimated, based on the 100%-scenarios. Potentials, challenges and possible future trends for the plastics industry were derived from the results.


Klaus Holzhaider, MSc, bachelor's degree in Physics and master's degree in Environmental System Sciences with the special field Physics at the University of Graz. Specialisation: renewable energies. Junior researcher at the Institute of Polymeric Materials and Testing of the Johannes Kepler University Linz.
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Untertitel: Potentials for Plastics in Solar Thermal and Photovoltaic Systems. Paperback. Sprache: Englisch.
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