The model of marketing communications in business-to-business markets

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Februar 2015



The monograph covers basic topics of marketing communications through the prism of relevance for the Slovenian market. The monograph provides with information and an overview of marketing communications and introduces the topic of integrated marketing communications, which is the basis for everything that follows. Advertising, public relations, sales promotion, personal selling and direct marketing are the tools of marketing communication. With their optimal combination can represent the offer of an organization, create public image and gaining new users of products and services. The monograph in this attempt tries to cover the news, trends and themes in the changing environment. So substantively covers marketing communication, communication process, public relations, goals and social network for business, strategic and creative development of marketing communications programs, and the role of new media in marketing communications like social media. The monograph also explains the relationship between marketing communications effectiveness and the company performance.


Bruno ZavrSnik is Professor of Marketing in the Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Maribor. His research interests include empirical and theoretical issues in B2B marketing communications, fashion marketing, business negotiations, retailing, purchasing and supply chain management.
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