A look at forensic dentistry in Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Februar 2015



This work covers most frequently used forensic odontology methods explained through case examples. These cases are presented to show to what extent the body undergoes changes, challenges forensic medicine and odontology are faced with and importance of teeth since they survive post mortem events. Conventional and novel methods of identification are presented following each case. In Bosnia and Herzegovina, there is a need to educate more forensic dentists and include them in mass grave exhumation teams and juidical system as well.


Lejla Ibrahimkadic was born in 1986 in Baghdad, Iraq. She finished her education in Bosnia and Herzegovina, graduating from School of Dentistry in Sarajevo in 2011. During her education, she showed interest in forensic dentistry and decided to pursue the forensic science in her career. She lives and works in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.
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