Oil Pollution

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Oil Pollution is the most international of subjects in Maritime Law. The international liability- compensation (CLC-FUND) regime for oil pollution is a robust one, which was a result of a collective effort by States after the Torrey Canyon disaster. Oil Spills from vessels are the most common environmental polluters which may be caused due to persistent or non persistent oil. This study is a detailed understanding of the CLC-FUND regime along with special evaluation of the inadequacy of the Indian Maritime Shipping Act 1958 to cope with such spills. Relevant case studies to review the judicial interpretation of the International Conventions have been discussed. A study on the the U.S. Oil Pollution regime has also been undertaken which runs parallel to the CLC-FUND regime as the U.S. is not party to the convention system. Finally, the hypothesis introduced by the author at the starting of the book has been answered after detailed analysis of the core research issues.


Mr. Rishiraj Baruah is a final year law student of Gujarat National Law University. He is from Assam, India. He has an interest in International law and Air and Space law. He plans to pursue his career in the same field.
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Untertitel: A Critical Analysis of International Liability-Compensation Regime for Vessel-Sourced Oil Pollution. Paperback. Sprache: Englisch.
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