Groundwater Exploration In Carbonate Rocks

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Februar 2015



The northern coastal zone of Egypt is a part of the Western Desert that witnessed the end of the Second World War. Small limited areas have been cleaned from mines, which were buried by the drift sand of that desert. Several trials have been made to provide the needed water through rain water harvesting but the amount of water insufficient, therefore groundwater becomes the most reasonable resource that is capable to supply or, at least to shear the other resources in providing the area with the needed water.The present study deals with the application of the different geophysical exploration techniques (geoelectrical resistivity and shallow refraction seismic) with the main object of delineating the groundwater aquifers in the investigated area which have varies type of carbonate rocks and detecting the impact of structure elements on the groundwater occurrence as well as testing the suitability of some recommended sites for drilled cisterns.


Mostafa Said Mostafa Barseem, Assistant professor in applied geophysics, Field of specialization is groundwater, Environmental and engineering Geophysics. Place of work is geophysical exploration department, Desert Research center (DRC)1st. Mathaf El MatariyaEl Matariya, Cairo Egypt.
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