Pain Assessment and Management in Critically Ill Patients

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Februar 2015



Pain is one of the most common experiences and stressors in Critically Ill Patients. Uncontrolled pain triggers physical and emotional stress responses, Inhibits healing, Increases the risk for other complications, and Increases the length of stay in the Critical Care Unit. The critical care nurse has a unique and important role in Pain management which includes: Perform pain assessment, Provide patient teaching, Perform physical care, help relieve pain by administering pain-relieving interventions including both Pharmacological and Non-Pharmacological approaches.


Mohamed Naeem Badr is an Assistant Lecturer in Critical Care and Emergency NursingDepartment, Faculty of Nursing- Cairo University, Egypt.His current research area includes Assessment of Nurses' Knowledge and Practicesregarding Pain Assessment and Management among Critically Ill Patients.
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