Urban Densification as a Strategy to Manage Urban Sprawl

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Februar 2015



Urban densification is "the process whereby residential densities (i.e. the number of dwelling units per hectare) are increased in a planned and meaningful way within the existing boundaries of a specific area" (Cape Metropolitan Council, in Perrault, 2012). Urban densification is an outcome of city planning; many cities of the world are spatially planned as compact cities like Curitiba, Barcelona etc. to accommodate more population. Urban densification facilitates the use of spatial resources such as Floor Area Ratio, Land Coverage, in a comprehensive way. It means that appropriate use of FAR by increasing more floors in building increases more space for accommodating more functions in one building. This is useful for economic activities in the city which can attract more capital investment and job opportunities in the city.


The Author has obtained his master's degree in Urban and Regional Development Planning and Management from Technical University Dortmund, Germany & Ardhi University, Tanzania in 2014. He has served five years professional practice and published number of research papers and also has the membership of the international planning practice groups.
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