More Adventures of the Orchard Street Gang

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Dave and his friends arrive the first day of class at Orchard Street Christian School, only to find there have been some changes since last year. There are new rules to learn and obey, new uniforms, and new students in their learning center. Dave's friends worry they won't be able to remember the new rules and will get in trouble for not observing them.

Their teacher holds class meetings to discuss the new rules, and on how to remember and obey them. Still Dave worries. At 12 years old, he is the world's worst worrier!

Who will be the first student to get too many demerits and be sent to the principal's office?

Dave's class has two new students, twins Danny and Donnie. Why is Donnie absent the first day? What did the twin's mother tell the class about Donnie's problem? What did the class do to help him with it? Did Donnie get over his problem in time to rejoin the class? How did the twins affect the results when the class voted? Last year every vote ended in a tie: six boys against six girls. And when there are new games, how do the new rules affect choosing teams?

To find the answers, read this story and the next book in the Orchard Street Gang series, Back to Orchard Street.

Retired school teacher Jacqueline Vater Warner resides in Florence, the fastest growing city in Northern Kentucky.

Publisher's website: http://sbpra.com/JacquelineVaterWarner
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