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The most difficult and complex thing we ever do as human beings is to find a suitable companion on our journey through life. For the very few who find their soul mate, life can offer no greater reward. But what is it that makes a relationship work or not work?

A quiet, aging writer travels to the Greek Islands on a working holiday to complete his current novel in a relaxing environment. Approaching sixty, he sees himself as too old to be loved, and past the age of physical/sexual attraction.

Having never found it, he's given up on any idea or prospect of ever finding real love or the perfect partner to share his life. By sheer chance, he meets a handsome and intelligent young Spanish artist and they fall in love.

For two months, the two men share a deep, genuine love, as a lasting relationship unfolds between them.

Set against the idyllic backdrop of their villa overlooking the Aegean Sea on one of the most beautiful islands on earth, the story is not intended as a "gay romance," but instead to explore relationships in general. Relationships are examined via observations and conversations between the couple, and in their private introspections and reflections.

This is the story of how a chance meeting changed the writer's life and the life of the young man he met, forever. It is the first book in a different romance trilogy.

Murray James grew up in Sydney, Australia. "Relationships, whether in families, between friends, or in work environments, are complicated and all unique in their own way. But there are common themes which permeate all relationships." This is his first book.

Publisher's website: http://sbprabooks.com/MurrayJames
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