Sarah Miller

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Sarah Miller is an erotic love story that crosses boundaries as well as genres. There's plenty of comedy, drama, romance, and suspense, enough to satisfy any reader who loves an action-packed story.

When a young man believes he's met his soul mate, he soon comes to believe that she might have a troubled past, one that could affect their relationship in a major way.

He follows his heart to experience the best romance he's ever known. Later he figures out the woman's past, but decides to enjoy the adventure anyway. Realizing that this is the most important moment of his life, he's willing to accept whatever happens next.

Unfortunately, the soul mate he's found becomes jealous, causing her to make a big decision. What will it be? This evocative story is a reminder that when you fall in love, you should only think of love. Control isn't promised on either side.

Jason Anthony White was born in St. Louis and moved as a teenager to San Francisco. "I love San Francisco because everyone here is approachable. You can talk to them ask questions and get ideas or character development." He has several other books in the works.

Publisher's website: http://sbprabooks.com/JasonAnthonyWhite
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