The Role of Ivorian Human Rights Non-Governmental Organisations

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April 2015



This work is built on three pillars and seeks to contribute to the understanding of the right to development especially from the perspective of human rights non-governmental organisations. First, the right to development, arguably one of the most recent and controversial rights in the architecture of international human rights, shapes the development paradigm in a manner that integrates civil, cultural, economic, social, political and environmental rights of both individuals and groups without distinction. Secondly, in general, social movements - including non-governmental organisations (NGOs) - play a crucial role as agents for change in any democratic society. Africa, and within it Côte d'Ivoire, is no exception. Thirdly Côte d'Ivoire, an African country once heralded as a success story has been confronted with an internal conflict with impacts which continue to be felt in the form of increased poverty and insecurity. The country strives to resume peace, development and stability but does not appear to have reached the end of the tunnel.Therefore, can NGOs in Côte d'Ivoire contribute meaningfully to addressing the challenges facing the country through the pursuit of the RtD?


Dr Patrice Vahard, Ivorian, has a wide experience on African issues and civil society organizations globally. Currently senior official of the United Nations, he previously headed Amnesty International's Africa Office. He lectures worldwide on human rights, women's rights, peace and security, transformational leadership and the African renaissance.
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