The Right to Privacy and Data Protection in the Information Age:

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Februar 2015



This book examines the legal landscape of privacy protection in the context of ICT in Jordan. The book provides an extensive examination of privacy information practices in the public and the private sectors. It assesses and evaluates the level to which the privacy of personal information is protected and maintained by these two sectors. For the public sector, the book identifies in a case study the privacy concerns of the electronic government (e-government) of Jordan. The findings of this study are surprising. Despite most government agencies in e-government portals having the ability to collect, use, disclose, and transfer personal information, only three of the forty governmental agencies have established policies with regard to privacy protection of personal information. For the private sector, businesses from the telecommunications and the banking sectors are chosen for investigation in relation to privacy. These two industries are the largest in the country in terms of their ability to collect, use, access, and transfer personal information.


Dr. Akram Almatarneh is currently working as an Assistant Professor of Business Administration at the American University in Dubai (AUD). Prior to joining AUD, Almatarneh worked as a Senior Legal Consultant for an international law firm in Jordan. His interests are in the field of privacy law, information law, IT law, company law and compliance.
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