Nanocomposites of Conducting Polymer and Carbon Nanotube

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Conjugated polymer and carbon nanotubes are both quasi 1-dimensional systems with similar electronic properties but distinct structural properties. Understanding how these physical properties reflect in their combined form of Nanocomposite would give insight into yielding high performance materials. The book investigates the electronic properties of the two systems as correlated to their morphology and their individual role in nanocomposites. The first part consists of a brief introduction to general properties of both conducting polymers, carbon nanotubes and their nanocomposites. The sample preparation and experimental techniques used for the work are then explained. The following chapter elaborates on the conformational studies on the systems. The charge transport studies of the systems at low-temperature and high magnetic fields are then analyzed and correlated to the morphology. Furthermore, the magnetic properties of these materials are also revealed which can be applied in devices. Finally conclusions and future directions of the work are overviewed.


Dr. Paramita Kar Choudhury is a researcher who works in the field of electronic transport of nanostructured materials and their devices. She graduated from Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India in 2010.
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