Bioactive Compounds and Extracts of Heteroxenia ghardaqensis

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Februar 2015



This work introduce a complete study of the the chemical constituents of the Egyptian Red sea soft coral, Heteroxenia ghardaqensis. The chemical study of this coral was occurred depending upon the chromatographic techniques. The structure of the isolated compounds were elucidated by complete spectroscopic analysis. The isolated compounds were studied for their anticancer and antimicrobial activities. Also protective activity of chloroform extract against cadmium-induced adrenal toxicity was evaluated in rats.


Dr. Abdelsamed Ibrahium Rady Elshamy, Researcher in Natural Compounds Chem Dep., National Research Centre, Egypt. Dr. Elshamy is working and had a strong experience in the field of natural products chemistry. Dr. Elshamy has 10 international publications. Dr. Elshamy had been awarded as post doctoral Research Visitor in Hiroshima University.
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